Dating Experts

Laura Banks and Janette Barber


In 1997, dating experts and comic duo Janette Barber and Laura Banks gained instant fame penning the USA Today Bestseller “Breaking the Rules, Last Ditch Tactics for Landing the Man of Your Dreams” selling 250,000 copies nationally. (Career Press Publishers). Like Steve Colbert and The Colbert Report they make critical points but they do it with humor. This is the magic of this Breaking the Rules of Dating Duo. Fast forward to 2017 and Banks and Barber are currently working with well-known L.A. literary agent, Bill Gladstone at Waterside Productions to re-release an expanded and updated version their book.  Mr. Gladstone approached the authors with his belief that the book is so relevant to today that it needed to be on the shelves again. Laura and Janette are also producing radio segments to air nationwide with Dave Colin at I-heart radio and it’s half a billion listeners all about dating.

Their success as writers and personalities focused on dating has spanned decades.  They are seasoned professionals and deliver behind the mic and in front of the camera.  Banks and Barber developed a cult following with their comedy-turned-into-real-advice ranting against the rules of traditional dating. In fact Brooke Shield’s hit show, “Suddenly Susan”, produced a sit-com episode about Banks and Barber: two comedy writers who turned into dating experts and overnight sensations with thousands of women everywhere taking heed of their advice for real. With three published books in total they have appeared on endless radio and TV outlets including ABC World News, Tyra, Bill O’Reilly Show, Good Day NY and Good Day LA, VH-I and more. They hosted their own radio show with on Premiere Radio Networks.

Laura Banks was a regular contributor for over ten years with Dick Clark’s United Stations Radio Network in NYC. Laura’s first book, Love Online (Career Press) was a journalistic investigation into the world of online dating and way ahead of its’ time. Laura was also a dating expert and columnist at Love @AOL and regularly commuted to Arlington, Virginia, AOL’s home headquarters, to help establish the birth of online dating. In fact, Laura was contacted once by ABC’s hit show, “The Bachelor” because her film she wrote, produced and directed, Manhattan Dating Project, all about dating and relationships, was playing in festivals nationwide. (Copy of film available upon request.)

Janette Barber is a six time Emmy award winning writer/producer best known for her work with Rosie O’Donnell.  Janette was Supervising Producer and Headwriter for the original show as well as Hot Topics Writer on ABC’s The View.  Janette produced and co-hosted her own show on TVFN and was a columnist and Editor at Large for First for Women Magazine.  Janette was Rosie’s sidekick when she went to SiriusXM and when Rosie left the show Janette stayed on hosting her own show, Janette’s Show, which lasted until the corporate takeover at Sirius.  Janette councils everyone she meets if by any chance they happen to be single.  Janette has this dating thing down.  Her 20 year relationship did recently ended and she put her skills to good use and just returned from two weeks in Barbados with her new catch.