Laura Banks


Laura Banks (SAG/AFTRA)

Laura started out as an improv player in Spontaneous Combustion comedy troupe with Whoopi Goldberg at the Comedy Stores in LA and San Diego. She then got her first break in Star Trek II, The Wrath of Khan (Paramount) and was then discovered by world-famous indie producer Roger Corman, to star in a series of B-films. Then back to the stage as a standup at The Original Improvisation (NYC) for three years, and then host of Inside Space (SYFY Channel) with lots more TV appearances with two books with Janette Barber on ABC World News, MSNBC and Fox News. Laura also hosted the podcast Love Online (Toginet) with Susan Winter from the Huffington Post and Star Gal Radio on traditional radio (CRN Digital Talk). For a decade she produced and voiced comedy segments with Dick Clark’s United Stations Radio Networks and was the voice of the NBA.


Embracing Your Big Fat Ass, an Owner's Manual (ATRIA Books, a Division of Simon and Schuster) #13 out of 6,000 Books at Publisher's Weekly.

Life is short—too short to spend most of it worrying about what you look like from behind.  That fact hasn’t stopped women everywhere from obsessing about their weight, specifically that portion of it resting in their ass.  In this gleefully frank new book, Janette Barber and Laura Banks lampoon society’s obsession with the gluteus maximus, while offering solidarity, support, and inspiring advice.


USA Today Bestseller with over
250,000 copies in print


Breaking the Rules:

Last-ditch tactics for landing the man of your dreams, A Parody

Buy this book and start breaking the rules. We'll show you how to:  Be needy, clingy and whiny with Mr. Right Now. Ransom his power tools to get his attention. Repair used blenders for fun and profit. And, there's more. Recommendations include: Move your stuff into his apartment as quickly as possible. Married men take you to nicer restaurants. Carry an answering machine in your purse. If he has a pulse, you have a date. Spill your guts before you spill your wine, and gab until his ears bleed!
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Love Online 

Singles, there actually is a way to meet that special person in a comfortable, relaxed environment where you can have honest, forthright conversations. And you don't even have to leave your home. The alternative to pickup bars, and rude come-ons is Love Online.


Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982) 
Laura is shown here with Ricardo Montalban in a Paramount promotional photo for the hit film.  In the film, she was Khan's Navigator.  

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Wheels of Fire (1984)  

The Future is now. There are no rules and no place to hide from the deadly Highway Warriors who ravage the roads in machines of destruction.  Laura had a starring role in this film as the ravishing she-warrior Stinger.




Demon of Paradise (1987) Hunters become the hunted when illegal dynamite disturbs the age old slumber of a carnivorous lizardman. Resort owner Angela Cahill, joins forces with Sheriff Keefer to save tourists from the beast's path of death.  Laura stars as Angela in this horror/thriller.









Retreads (1988)  

Laura stars as a nuclear scientist that is being held by terrorists.  And her only chance for survival is the Retreads.


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Comedy Central
The Movie Channel
VH-1 (Host)
CNBC (Author/Expert)
MSNBC (Commentator)
GOOD DAY NY Fox (Author/Expert)
GOOD DAY LA Fox (Author/Expert)
Fox News Channel (Personality)
Bill O’Reilly (Author/Expert)
TYRA (Guest Author)
SHOWTIME - Star Rising (Special half hour show about career.)
Movie Channel (Special on film career.)
Bravo TV (Clips and interview about Manhattan Dating Project, produced and starring Laura Banks)
ABC News World Report (Author/Expert)
USA Network USA Live (Host/Comedic)
25 City TV Satellite Tour with bestselling book, "Breaking the Rules"
Books featured on Good Morning America

Star Trek II, The Wrath of Khan Paramount
Retreads - Warner Bros.
Hexed, Columbia Pictures (reporter)
Wheels of Fire (lead role) Roger Corman picture New Horizons/Concorde Pictures
Demon of Paradise (lead role) Roger Corman picture New Horizons/Concorde Pictures

Comedy Clubs/Stand Up
Improvisation NY
Comedy Cellar
Caroline’s NY
Comedy Store L.A.
Beckett Theater (off Broadway) One woman show
New York Comedy Club (Greenwich Village)
Hosted multiple Star Trek conferences with entire cast. I was the Emcee.

Improvisational Comedy
Ridgefield Theater Barn Roll in the Hay Players
Marquis Public Theater with Whoopi Goldberg
Comedy Store San Diego, Ca.
Comedy Store, Los Angeles Sunset Strip
Caroline’s Comedy Club with The Groundlings East
The Groundling’s East
West Bank Café The Groundling’s East