Laura Banks is an accomplished producer, marketing specialist and business owner who has spent over 25 years working in local and syndicated radio programming. She currently produces “Healthline Radio” with Dr. Alan Pressman partnered with Invite Health ( heard on WMCA 570AM NY. They also host programs with Purity Products heard on over 1,000 stations nationwide. With her company Empowerment Media Group, Laura is involved in radio programming and on-air talent and product development, licensing, TV and radio hosting and direct-to-consumer sales.
Other professional pursuits have been authoring books (Simon and Schuster) and working within the film and television industry as a member of Screen Actors Guild. She has worked at Paramount and Columbia Pictures. Her books have risen to the bestseller list and she has toured and met thousands of fans because of her role in Star Trek II, the Wrath of Khan.
Ms. Banks resides in Greenwich, Connecticut where she spends her time creating an online school of nutrition with Dr. Pressman ( and supporting local radio. Her and her partner, pianist, John Goldschmid, enjoy gardening, live music, boating, hiking and are a part of Oneness Community in Fairfield County.

Specialties: Joint Venture projects, Radio Sponsorships, Direct Selling, Nutraceutical Sales and Brand Product Development for Doctors, Writer, Speaker, Presenter.