Laura Banks is an accomplished author, marketing specialist and business owner who has spent over 25 years working in the health industry in both local and syndicated radio programming. She currently produces “Healthline Radio” with Dr. Alan Pressman and partnered with Invite Health ( heard on WMCA, WLIB AND WABC, NY and 1,000 other stations nationwide.

Her latest project is creating the Institute of Rehabilitative Nutrition (IRN), an online nutrition training to launch in early, 2016 and will be marketed to corporations and health insurance companies. Last year she sold similar programs to Omni Vista Health, a division of Agora Publishing. Laura and her company, Empowerment Media, is available for private consultation with anyone who has an interest in developing online training systems for themselves and their company.

Personally, she is developing an intentional community of like-minded individuals who wish to snowbird in the winter to Florida and, in the spring, attend music festivals across America. The new group is called The Firefly Travel Club. Currently seeking new members.



  • Licensing contract with Invite Health  and Elite Nutrients, a privately owned line of proprietary blended supplements.
  • Owner at Empowerment Media Group ( Business Consultant)
  • C.E.O. at the Institute of Rehabilitative Nutrition, an online nutrition education program.
  • Developer of online education at Omni-Vista Health
  • Spokesperson partnership with Dr. Alan Pressman and Purity Products for over 20 years.


  • Host at Love Online Radio with Susan Winter at Toginet Radio and WVNJ Radio
  • Star Gal Radio, Host/Producer at CRN Digital Talk
  • Television Host on ScyFy Channel’s Inside Space
  • USA Network Segment Host
  • VH1 Guest VJ
  • Host of Pierre Michael Salons TV Infomercials
  • Bestselling Author at Simon and Schuster and Career Press Publishers
  • Account Executive/Producer at WEVD News Talk 1050 New York
  • United Stations Radio Network (Comedy Writer/On Air talent)
  • NBA (Laura was the voice of the National Basketball Association.)


  • School of Visual Arts, NYC
  • California State University-Northridge (BFA in Fine Art)
  • University of Kansas
  • Landmark Education
  • Peak Potentials


Los Angeles (1979-1985)
Laura Banks is a star of stage and screen. She launched her career in 1982 with her debut in a small role in Star Trek II, the Wrath of Khan, with subsequent film roles at Columbia Pictures and Warner Brothers. While working in film, she got involved in PR, and met Dr. Alan Pressman guest lecturing on the topic of “Health and Nutrition for the Actor” at Professional Artists Group. That was the beginning of their 28 year partnership.

New York (1985-Present)
Laura Banks moved to NYC to work more exclusively with Dr. Pressman. Her acting career took a back seat to her work as an author, health talk radio host, producer and business developer. She got a job as an Account Executive at the #1 health-talk New York City radio station where she quickly formed partnerships with NAC Marketing and Purity Products. Laura Banks also currently produces Healthline Radio with Dr. Alan Pressman on WWRL, 1600 AM and WVNJ, New Jersey, and she hosts Love Online Radio at Their website, just got their millionth hit. Laura has written for Talkers Magazine, the trade publication to the radio industry and was interviewed by the Electronic Retailer Magazine and is a past member of the Electronic Retailing Association and current member of Screen Actors Guild and Actor’s Equity.

Job Descriptions

Primary Nutrients, LLC- Develop and direct market one-of-a-kind supplements on radio and Web with Dr. Alan Pressman. Private label design and develop supplement products for other companies. Primary Nutrients has developed products for Purity Products, NAC Marketing, Wellformative, and David Singer Enterprises. They also produce health talk radio programming and radio infomercial programming and marketing, heard on over 1,000 stations nationwide.

Empowerment Media Group - Empowerment Media produces Love Online Radio, currently heard globally on with her co-host Susan Winter from ABC's OPRAH. Laura also occasionally hosts Healthline Radio on WWRL 1600 AM New York. Laura also consults with various companies and healthcare providers to increase sales.