Laura Banks

For the first time in the history of her 25 year career Laura is taking on clients to develop personalized online education systems to market. Online education involves recording audio programs then partnering with existing software platforms to create easy to follow training systems using audio, video and Powerpoint.. Her company, "Empowerment Media Group", is also involved in radio programming, on-air talent scouting, product development, licensing, TV and radio hosting and direct-to-consumer sales. Answer these questions to see if this is a fit for you:

- Are you an expert in your field with an impressive bank of experience?

- Could you compose an outline of materials and with help record on your computer?

If you answered yet to these two questions, Empowerment Media Group will produce these programs with you, help to script, record, edit and partner with cutting edge online school development companies.



45 min consultation to determine your niche market, script, and topics. $195

Half Day: Will work with you to craft your school, determine audio equipment, voice preparation, content, brand, and online school partners. Gain access to my editor, Powerpoint person,  Joint Venture Partners and Marketing Opportunities perfect for your brand, and logo development. $595


Her latest project:

Dr. Pressman’s Restorative Neurology Protocol with OmniVista Health Learning, LLC (an affiliate of Agora, Inc.).

A unique audio-visual learning program with Dr. Alan Pressman available to the public, for those who want to learn what lifestyle factors, diet, and nutrition can help improve brain function and decrease the onset of various disorders associated with the brain.