"After three years of preparation, 2016 will see the launch of the Institute of Rehabilitative Nutrition (IRN), an online nutrition institute designed for people who have a true desire to powerfully manage personal wellness. The initiative is to teach people how to eat, live and thrive in a toxic world. We'll go beyond traditional medicine and pharmaceuticals to show you in an easy to follow format, the basics of good nutrition and general health and well being. The Core Curriculum and Specific Health Challenge modules as well as our Subliminal Series will offer tools for actual breakthroughs in diet, lifestyle, supplement care and overall quality of life. It's important to fully grasp the multiple aspects of bodily functions and how food and supplements can be used as medicine in the body. IRN helps to unlock secrets to wellness, and education only available, before now, to doctors and certified practitioners at a university level. We look forward to  you becoming a member of the IRN family by signing up for one of our courses and interacting with our experts in one of our webinars."


Laura Banks, CEO and Founder, IRN